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What is "zImage"?

Do you need an ASP or ASP.net component for server-side graphical operations? zImage can perform a variety of graphical operations from within an ASP script, an ASP.net script or COM enabled language.
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If you need to create thumbnails, resize images or do nearly any other job on an image on the fly, directly in a webpage, on your IIS webserver, zImage is the tool for you.
zImage is usefull for any online application, where the user can upload digital images, and need to do ajustments on thoose images, or where the user should be able to create images on the fly.

zImage is usefull for automatic creating of thumbnails.
Can be used together with any upload component, or even without any such component (Take a look at the demos, included in both the full and the demo version of zImage).

zImage is a great component for building into CMS systems, as a build in imagehandling system.

Included features (among others) are:

  • Seven different filters for resizing
  • Store resulting images as files, or as streams directly to the browser or database
  • Read images from stream, like upload components or databases
  • Free rotation of the resulting image
  • Many filters, such as Sharpen, soften, bluring, noise, contrast, darken etc.
  • Croping, sharpening, flipping and mirroring
  • Resize by pct or given width and height
  • Eight different imageformats for input (JPeg, Bitmap, Targa, PNG, GIF, PSD, PSP og Tiff)
  • six for output (JPeg, Bitmap, TIF, PNG, GIF og Targa)
  • Create new images from ground up
  • Drawing tools
  • Put text on images
  • Add more images together to one
  • And a lot more...
Besides that, the zImage includes one more component, ServerFonts, wich can be used to tell the user wich fonts are installed on the server. Might be usefull if the user have rights to edit an image, including putting text on the image.
Get your copy on the download page

Examples of filter

First image without "Sharpen", second image with both max "Sharpen" and "Sharpen filter":

Examples of filter

First image without "Soften", second image with "Soften II filter":


Images rotated 0,30,60,90,180 and 270 degrees

Example code:

Simple resizing:

  Set zImage = Server.CreateObject("zimage.zimage")   
  zImage.outResizeType=0   ′ Resize by PCT
  zImage.outPct=50         ′ Set size to 50%
  zImage.outJpgQuality=100 ′ Store with least compression
  zImage.outFilter=6       ′ Use Lanczos3 filter for resizing
  zImage.MakeFile          ′ Create the file
  Set zImage=Nothing
  <img src="out.jpg">

You can also send the resulting image directly to the browser, without storing it on disk.
To do this, you will need something like this in your page: <img src="makeimage.asp?filename=test.jpg">
In the file "makeimage.asp" you will then make code like this:

  Set zImage = Server.CreateObject("zimage.zimage") 
  zImage.inFile=InFile       ′ The file we will resize
  zImage.outResizeType=0     ′ Resize by PCT
  zImage.outPct=50           ′ Make the image 50% of original
  zImage.outJpgQuality=100   ′ No compression
  zImage.outFilter=6         ′ Lanczos3 resize filter
  zImage.outFile=".jpg"      ′ The result is a JPeg file
  Response.ContentType = "image/jpeg"     
  ′ Tell the browser that a JPeg file is comming
  Response.BinaryWrite zImage.MakeStream  
  ′ Send the resulting image
  Set zImage=Nothing

More examples can be found in the demoversion or the full version
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