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Welcome on the developer pages at ZieglerSoft.

On theese pages you are going to find our tools for programmers.

You are going to find downloads of demoversions of our tools, or, if you are logged in, and own full versions, download of that.

You are not logged in, and because of that, you can't download full versions of the tools, that need you to buy a license.

If you want to buy one of these tools, you can use the buy-buttons here on this page, or the buttons on the separate tool page, for the wanted tool.
Buy ZieglerCollection One here
Buy Crt32-The Delphi Console Unit here
Buy zIMage here
When you buy our tools, by clicking the buttons on these pages, you may espect a delay for up to 24 hours in delivery (normaly it will be a lot shorter), because we have a manuel check involved in the delivery

We are using PayPal to manage our online orders.
Information about the tools, can be found in the menu, under "Tools". Select the tool you want to know more about.

You can download the tool, or a demoversion, for the tools requirering a bought license, from the downloadpage fond in the same menu.

On the download page you will find the full versions, if you are logged in on this page.

Vores favoritværktøjer

ZieglerSoft have, as other programmers, our favorite tools.

Out favorite tools comes from Embarcadero (You can find expansion tools for theese on our tool-page).

We recomend:
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Contact ZieglerSoft