Crt32 - The Delphi Console Unit


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On this page you can read about "Crt32 - The Delphi Console Unit", and take a look at a screenshot, from a demoprogram written with Crt32.
If you are a registered user of "Crt32 - The Delphi Console Unit", you can go to the download page, after a login, and get the newest version there.
If you not yet a registered user of "Crt32 - The Delphi Console Unit", but would like to, you can use the buy-button on this page, which will take you to the orderpage at Paypal.
Do you have many programs written in Borland- or Turbo Pascal? Do you use the CRT-unit for them? Would you like to compile thoose programs in 32-bit Delphi?

"Crt32 - The delphi Console Unit" is written to do just that. "Crt32" is a, nearly, 100% CRT compatible unit for Delphi 32-bit.

"Crt32" is only for Console-mode programs.

The demo-version contains no sourcecode.

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When trying please be aware of, and respect the time and usage limits.
"Crt32 - The Delphi Console Unit" makes it easy to write or convert Dos programs yet using the full memory of Windows 95,98,ME, Windows NT, Windows 2000, XP or Windows 10.

How to install the demoversions

To save space, "Crt32-The Delphi console unit" is packed into a single EXE-file.

Before you can use the "Crt32-The Delphi console unit" you must unpack the distribution file.

To do this you must:
Run the executable file you downloaded. You will be promted for a directory to un-zip the files into. The program will create this directory if it does not exist, then extract the demo files to it. After extraction the selected directory will contain a Readme.doc (MS WORD-file) and several new directories. The Readme.doc file contains futher instructions for using the "Crt32-The Delphi Console Unit".
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