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You are going to find answers to support questions, send to ZieglerSoft on this page. If you want to send a question yourself, you can do so, by clicking on this line, and send us the question
 Q  Charles L Chambers:
Is there any discount for purchasing a new version of ZieglerSoft from a previous version?

 A  Claus Ziegler:
You always have the right to download the latest version, if you bought a license at any point – no charge
 Q  Wolfgang Hiesinger:
I am trying to install "zc1_0283_64.exe", but my virus software Bitdefender tells me, that there in an infection of "C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\zieglersoft\zc1\is-UTOPD.tmp" with "Gen:Variant.Ursu.804037". Anything I have to be concerned ?

 A  Claus Ziegler:
If you remembered to install the 32 bit version first, the only four files in this position should be:
  • Change_this.exe
  • Spi.exe
  • Zcol.chm
  • Zcol.hlp

But it could be a false positive, coming from a temp file created during unpacking. We don’t control the name of those files, but we have seen it once before (the file name was different). It was a false positive from bitdefender at that time.

I have just tested our installer, and no virus found in it.
 Q  Rafael Oliva:
Hi - we bought ZieglerCollection 1, version 1.51 - we used to work with CPP Builder 1 and 4. We are restoring some of the old applications on C++Builder 10.3 Rio - is it possible to download an updated Collection? I can't find the password. Thanks in advance

 A  Claus Ziegler:
Yes, it is possible.
I have mailed the password to your email address, as given on purchase.
 Q  Scott Turner:
Do you have a version that works with Tokyo? I can compile the old 2009 version we inherited from our previous company, but it won't install the BPL.

 A  Claus Ziegler:
Yes, just log in and download it
 Q  Norbert Hill:
Sorry for this Question, but I'am not sure.
Is zImage running on Server 2012 and ?or Server 2016 under IIS (as 32bit application for classic asp). When trying to register the dll I'am getting an error.

 A  Claus Ziegler:
Yes, it works on 2012 and 2016 (but only as 32 bit). We have it running here, on a 2016 server without any problems. What error do you get?

 Q  Norbert Hill:
Thanks for the advice. I've tried to run it in c:\windows\system32 and i've got an error that the file cannot be found. Then I just used c:\inst and it works. Perhaps some restrictions. Don't know but now it works perfect! Thanks!
 Q  hugh stewart:
is there a cbuilder 6 rotatable image or bitmapA?

 A  Claus Ziegler:
Yes, you will find a rotatable bitmap in ZieglerCollection one
 Q  Chuck Dearbeck:
Am I allowed to use my registered version of zImage on my development server?

 A  Claus Ziegler:
You need a license for each server it is running on, so if you haven installed it on the production server yet, you can use it on the development server. But when you install it on the productionserver, you need to stop using it on the development server
 Q  David:
Will the WIN32CRT unit work with DelphiXE?

 A  Claus Ziegler:
No, Win32Crt can't work under XE
 Q  Claudio F. Zwitkovits:
Do you have update the "CRT32" to DELPHI XE
(unicode 32 bits.) ???
Tank you.

 A  Claus Ziegler:
No, at the moment, we are not planning Crt32 for XE - sorry about that (it would be nearly a rewrite)
 Q  Stephan Schmidt:
I am trying out zImage to resize Images. If I try to resize 32bit JPGs or CMYK Images i got an error. Will zImage work with these Images?

 A  Claus Ziegler:
It will not work with CMYK
 Q  Jeff:
I am trying out zImage to resize high resolution pictures off my camera to use on my website. It does not seem to use the high resolution picture. Is that a limitation of the demo or the program? A typical image I have is 2000 x 1000 and about 250KB. Will this work with these size files?

 A  Claus Ziegler:
No limitation. You will find a zImage.ini file, where you can set the max. size it will handle.
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