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The company ZieglerSoft is a small and heighly effective company, creating exactly the programs you need. This is what we call tailor-made programs, and they run on many platforms, including nearly any technology. ZieglerSoft have made programs for the web (webapplications), stand alone applications and apps for phones and pads, for many years now.

The technology changes fast, wich means that many "out-of-the-box" software soon will stop fullfilling your demands. An alternative to the waiting, for the standard software to develop to fit your business, if it ever will, you can use our services, where we develop the exact software you need.

The company was started back in 1992, wich means that we have passed our 30th. birthday. Even though we are an "old" company in this business, we have neeb able to keep up with the latest technoligies and methods, so that our software can remain modern.

Beside tailor made programs, we are making tools for other programmers, so you might have had a program in your hands, wich did cantain parts made by ZieglerSoft, even when you never, yourself, have had a program made by us.

We are doing programs for companies in nearly the whole world - even in space.

We are able to do even really big projects, because we have a set of partners, we cooperate with, when needed

Latest support question

 Q  Charles L Chambers:
Is there any discount for purchasing a new version of ZieglerSoft from a previous version?

 A  Claus Ziegler:
You always have the right to download the latest version, if you bought a license at any point – no charge
ZieglerSoft is an
Embarcadero Technology Partner

Latest news

Updated Powerful ZieglerCollection one in RAD Studio on Windows

ZieglerCollection one

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Latest Blog

A web application (Webapp) is a program that is stored on a server and delivered over the Internet or intranet via a browser interface.

ZieglerSoft have, among other things, made

Programs for timecontrol, qualitycontrol, production, sales, calculations and a lot of other areas.
We have done databases for a number of different putposes, both on PC, mac, tablet and phone.

We have made webapplications for registering, searching, fabrication, packing, qualitycontrol, calculations, databaselookup and a lot more.
We have made websites, intranets and extranets in any combination.

We have done nearly any kind of programming, and will be able to do so on any device.

A green company

ZieglerSoft is a green company.

Through the purchase of smarter servers and infrastructure, as well as LED lighting, we have been able to reduce our power consumption by more than 66% over the past few years.
A large part of this savings comes from the fact that all our servers are now designed to run without cooling.

Every bit of equipment from the company is recycled when it can't be used anymore.

Even in areas like the food consumed in our Company, we are doing whatever we can, to reduce the amount, by stopping all waste.

In transportation, ZieglerSoft has achieved a great amount of savings, by doing almost all our work at our own address, and a lot less on the premises of our customers.
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